Counseling Services for Daily Life

Counseling Services for Daily Life

Indo-Chinese and Convention refugees who have status of residence, and are settled in Japan are eligible to attend school or to work. However, many encounter difficulties due to the unfamiliar environment or insufficient Japanese language abilities. We provide counseling services at the Head Office, the Kansai Branch, and the following desks to give advice for refugees on various problems such as housing, medical care, education or family unification to support settlement of refugees in Japan. The refugee counseling desks are available at Yokohama-shi and Atsugi-shi in Kanagawa, Yao-shi in Osaka, Himeji-shi in Hyogo, and Nagoya-shi in Aichi, where a number of refugees settled.

●Counseling Desks

PlaceHoursNearest StationContact

RHQ Head Office



Exit 4, Hiroo Station (H03), Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

TEL 0120-090091

(toll-free counseling line for Refugees)

TEL 0120-925357

(toll-free counseling line for Asylum Seekers)

TEL 03-3449-7029

(for Asylum Seekers)

TEL 03-3449-7029

(for Convention Refugees)

TEL 03-3449-7049

(for Indo-Chinese Refugees)

FAX 03-3449-7016

Izumi Ward Office,
Yokohama City, Kanagawa
In front of Izumi Chu-o Station. Sotetsu Line TEL 045-801-3738

FAX 045-801-3738
Ken-o Region Administration Center,
15 min. on foot from Hon-Atsugi Station, Odakyu Line TEL 046-223-0709

FAX 046-223-0709

RHQ Kansai Branch



In front of JR Kobe Station, 11F, JR Kobe Eki NK Bldg.

TEL 0120-090091

(toll-free counseling line)

TEL 078-361-1720

FAX 078-361-1323

Osaka Yao City Office, Osaka2nd & 4th

(ByAppointment Only)
5 min. on foot from Kintetsu Yao Station TEL 0120-090091

(toll-free counseling line)

※same as RHQ counseling line for Refugees
Himeji City Office, Hyogo2nd & 4th
By bus from JR Himeji St, get off at Shiyakusho-Mae TEL 0120-090091

(toll-free counseling line)

※same as RHQ counseling line for Refugees
Nagoya International Center, AichiThu.
(ByAppointment Only)
7 min. on foot from JR Nagoya Station TEL 0120-090091

(toll-free couceling line)

Note: Counseling Desks are closed on national holidays and New Year holidays(Dec.29-Jan.3).

The counseling service for Indo-Chinese Refugees, Convention Refugees and their family members.

Examples of the issues for consultation

Daily Life
I want to know about administrative procedures and their system. How can I rent a room?
I want to obtain information on child caring and education.
How can I receive scholarship?
How can I access to the hospital with smaller medical expense?
What is Kaigo-hoken (Nursing care insurance)?
I am involved in domestic violence or serious crime…
Where can I get legal aid services?
I need translation and interpretation service.
Japanese language education
What kind of study books are appropriate for my Japanese self-studying? How can I find a volunteer Japanese language class?
How can I prepare for the Japanese language proficiency test?
When your company bankrupts or when you are dismissed.
How should I find another job?
How can I have employment insurance?
What is workers’ compensation insurance?
How can I participate a vocational training course?
I want to know about the license for specific job area.

The counseling service for those who support refugees and asylum seekers.

Examples of the issues for consultation

Daily Life
I want to know about financial support for refugees.
What kinds of social services are available for refugees in Japan?
I want to know about hospitals for foreigners.
I want to know about the identification of refugees.
I want to know about legal aid services.
I know some refugee or asylum seeker who are at financial difficulty.
Japanese language education
I am a Japanese teacher and want to improve my teaching method and skill.
I want to teach Japanese.
What kind of teaching materials do you recommend?
Where can I teach Japanese as a volunteer teacher?
I am supporting Japanese in the school or outside of the school.
I want to have the opportunity for information exchange with the people in other communities.
I want to employ a refugee.
What is the procedure of employment of refugees?
Are there any financial assistance for employers who employ refugees? How can I improve my communication with refugees whom I employed? How is the current situation of the employment of refugees?

The counseling service for asylum seekers.

Examples of the issues for consultation

I have working permit.
How can I find a job?
How can I apply for the refugee status?
I want to know about various establishments and procedures.
I am sick, how can I access to the hospital with smaller medical expense? How can I get support for living expenses?
I have no space to live.
I am a victim of the serious crime.
Where can I get legal aid services?
I want to send my children to the school.
I want to study in the volunteer Japanese class.

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