What We Do

Settlement Support Program

We offer settlement support program for Convention Refugees, their families and the resettled refugees such as Japanese language education course at RHQ Support Center in Tokyo.

Courses to be offered
For Convention Refugees and their families
●Six-month course (the first term・the second term) : 5 days per week (Mon.-Fri. 9:30~15:50)
●One-year course : 5 days per week (Mon.-Fri. 18:30~20:55)
(The course schedule may vary due to changes in the curriculum.)
For Resettled Refugees
●Six-month course : 6 days per week (Mon.-Fri. 9:30~15:50, Sat. 9:30~12:10)

Japanese Class
A. Japanese Language Education Course
572 units (1 unit = 45 minutes)
Japanese language education focusing on basic communication skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking is provided.

B. Guidance for Japanese Life
120 units (1 unit = 45 minutes)
Knowledge of social systems in Japan, such as social insurance system, taxation system, etc. is provided.

C. Vocational Counseling Service
Career Counseling and Employment Assistance are provided to those who look for a job by job counselors as the services provided by public employment offices.

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